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Meet the team

                              Forest school leader and founder

                              Hello my name is Mimi and aswell as a mum to 3 children and                                   Ofsted registered childminder I am also a Level 3                                   qualified  Forest school leader and passionate                                       about supporting and encouraging children’s play, exploration and learning in the woods.  My experience as a Forest School Leader has convinced me that being outdoors enables all young people to access learning opportunities more fully and approach their learning in different ways. Once young people experience the freedom of learning outside the classroom I believe they can flourish in areas as diverse as self-esteem, social skills, literacy, physical skills and creative development. I have noticed during my work that Forest Schools can appeal strongly to children and young people who may not be so engaged with the classroom environment and even young people seen as disruptive inside can display vast improvements in behavior and motivation when offered challenges outside.             


My qualifications and experience

             I am a qualified Level 3 Forest school leader. I trained through                Surrey Wildlife Trust. I have Forest school Paediatric First aid.                  I am also a member of the Forest school Association. I was                      recently inspected by Ofsted and received Outstanding in all areas.

I have been running a very popular Forest schoool after school club for the Powell Corderoy school and was recenlty invited to run weekly sessions within the Primary school. I am now looking forward to opening up more opportunities for other local children during term time, saturdays and holiday time. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any requests.

1) What is your Favorite woodland activity?

I love working with and getting creative with willow and any greenwood work

2) what is your favourite camp fire food?

I love experimenting with food on the fire, choclate cake in a pumpkin, soups, stews, oooh and Fruit kebabs dipped in melted chocolate and marshmallow healthy and naughty at the same time and super scrumptious
3) Whats your favourite mini beast?

Wiggly worms I love doing the wiggly woo dance when we find one
4) If you could be a woodland animal what would it be and why?

I love robins and one visits the woods where we have Forest school all time I would like to speak his language and fly with him
5)What activity do you like at Forest school

I have always enjoyed encouraging the group to build their own fires, leaning to use the fire steels, whittling silver birch for the fire, collecting wood and watching the confidence and independence grow in this activity week on week
6) What is your favourite campfire song?

I love a good ole sing song around the woodlands. I sing about everything and anything even the most mundane of the things can be turned into song. My favorite songs are those we make up about the woodlands, the textures, the colours, the birds, I love to play with words and make them up too in songs....my roots go down is a special favourite because we explore the woodland through song I am a silver birch waving in the wind,I am a silver birch waving in the wind, my roots go down. I love the Viking song Earth stone feather and bone it s a bedtime favourite with my girls too.

7)What treasures do you like to collect in the woodlands and what do you do with them?

I am a bit of a treasure hoarder. I love collecting acorn cups, pinecones and conkers and fill jars with them around my home. Conkers are a great deterrant for spiders so dot them around the house.

Welcome to the Dorking Forest school rangers team. 

                              Eva Mucenieks Forest school Asssitant Level 3

1) what do you like most about Forest school?
To see excited faces of the children to do exciting things and climbing the trees

2) what is your favourite camp fire food?
Sweetcorn on the stick

3) if you could be a minibeast what would it be and why?
Ladybird as she knows when its gonna rain

4) if you could sing like a bird which bird song would you chose?
Tweet tutu tweet tutu

5) if you could be a woodland animal what would it be and why?
Squirrel as she can climb any tree

6) what is your favourite smell of the woodlands?

7) what is your favourite texture of the woodlands?

what treasures do you like to collect in the woods? and what do you do with them?
Feathers and I put them in my hair

9) What is your favourite campfire song?
Earth stone feather and bone

                              Forest school assistant and art director




1) What is your favorite thing to do in the woodlands?

I like walking through the wood and really looking properly at everything. Spotting pattern and shape and textures and colours. Thinking about how a certain tree grows or looking for the signs of spring slowly, magically appearing

2) what is your favorite camp fire food?

Baked potatoes with butter.
3) If you could be a minibeast what would you be and why?

Stag beetle. The horns, the shiny carapace and the size of them. Quite a sight in flight.
4) If you could be a woodland animal what would you be and why?

Got to be a fox.
5) What is your favorite texture of the woodlands?

My favorite texture is the bark of those big old gnarly sweet chestnut trees.

6) What is your favorite woodland smell?

Woodsmoke is always lovely. Spring has a smell too.
6) What is your favorite campfire song?

I love singing and I love singing together. If you are singing together outdoors round a campfire then pretty much any song is wonderful.

7) What treasures do you like to collect in the woodlands and what do you do with them?

In Autumn I brought home the biggest acorns I'd ever seen. They were 2 inches long! I still have one on my display shelf in my living room.

                              Markus Dell- Forest school assistant and Parkour                                    Coach

Get involved

We are always looking for like minded individuals to join our team. We currently have 2-3 positions available.

Forest School 2nd adult

I am looking for someone with Forest school and/or childcare qualifications who would like to join me in leading/helping run Forest school during the holidays and term time starting in August 2016

Forest school Assistant

We are always looking for like minded individuals who have a bit of free time each week to come out with us to help supervise children and assist the Forest School leader in the running of the Forest School session. The ideal candidate would have a current criminal record check and have up to date references that will attest to their suitability to work with children. They would have a connection to nature and a desire to help pass that connection on to the children. They should be happy to be in the woodland whatever the weather.They must also be comfortable with tool use. Thorough on site training will be provided. For full details please email us.