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KITTY 4 Stavros Boats

A Brave girl Called Allie Hobhouse has sailed around the world because of her father, Arthur Hobhouse. She was told that she had an Aunty called Kitty that no one in her family knew was real. Arthur( before he died) had a lucky key but a series of unfortunate events!!

Arthur wanted he new daughter at the time (Allie) to find Kitty and so both of them had dreams but they still didn't know if Kitty was alive. BUT they did not give up but soon did Arthur's body. Brain tumour. He was very ill. All because of HORRIBLE Brain tumour. He soon died and it was not a nice time. Everyone was upset.Although, Allie always still had the energy to get back up. So she built a boat. And it was called KITTY 4.

Allies grandfather owns Stavros Boats and allies boat has a sail saying 'Stavros boats are the best boats' and on Television and Broadcast shows Stavros Boats Company has been on FIRE!!! It's been such a success Allies Grandfather has experienced so much more support over the few months.

Will Allie Hobhouse find her long lost Aunty Kitty?