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Where are we located?

Powell Co

I pay for a license through Surrey Wildlife trust to use an idyllic spot deep in the heart of the beautiful nower woods. We are very lucky to have a variety of species which gives lush canopy in the summer months including beech, sycamore, sweet chestnut hazel, yew, holly with ferns, nettles brambles and a few blackberry and rasberry bushes filling the ground layer.

Dorking Forest school rangers site




entrance to site

                                                1. (refer to no. 1 on map) Pedestrian access from Hampstead lane. You can go up steps onto Nower field turn right and walk                                                  to site straight ahead.



                                                 2. (refer to no. 2 on map)  main gate at the top of Hampstead lane. pedestrian access only. The entrance to our site is                                                          straight across the field (4-5 minuteswalk across)


                                                3.  (refer to no. 3on map) Pedestrian access at coldharbour lane. No vehicle access. From the end of Harrow Road